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August 21, 2022
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James Mobius August 21, 2022
James Mobius
been there! well, not exactly there. I was sleeping in a hotel room closet once at a sci fi con, when a blizzard kept me from getting home, and a friend invited me, meanwhile there was an orgy going on in the room.
ReinderDijkhuis August 22, 2022
"Troll Doll Orgy" is the name of my next band.
James Mobius August 22, 2022
James Mobius
tzeenj September 11, 2022
That happens at sci fi, and geek culture in general, cons a lot more than people think
area5.1 August 23, 2022
Don't you just want to cheer them on,... maybe they'll finish sooner?!
NomisTT August 23, 2022
Sounds like quite some action...which may lead to more action...
diegogue November 3, 2022
45 pages? when all of this happened?